Terms of Use

Updated on 03/03/2017

Article 1 – General Informations

1.1 Editor

SB Square company whose registered office at Avenue de la Tenderie 5, 1300 Wavre, Belgium, listed on the B.C.E. Under N°0604.998.896 (hereinafter « SB Square ») manages and operates mobile application GONESTOR available on the App Store « IOS » version or Play Store version « Android » (Google) and on the website www.gonestor.com (hereinafter « GONESTOR »).


GONESTOR is a special relationship development platform wishing to offer and/or receive services in areas such as DIY, baby-sitting, dog-sitting, home study courses, etc. (hereinafter the « Service »), depending on their availability and proximity. Any question regarding GONESTOR or these Terms of Use can be addressed to SB Square to the address above, or to the following email address: stephane@gonestor.com

1.3 Operation

SB Square is only an intermediary between the Users. Each user has his/her own public profile (hereinafter the « Profile ») visible on GONESTOR, which corresponds to their account. This profile is visible to any user who consults GONESTOR. In order to assess the reliability of users, SB SQUARE makes available to them a system of « ratings » / « feedbacks » (in the form of individual recommendations) to enable them to assess the person with whom they deal at the end of the transaction or during it.

1.4 Acceptance

Access to and use of GONESTOR are subject to these Terms of Use (TOU), the Privacy Policy, the Terms of Sale (TOS) and the laws and regulations. Consequently, access and use of GONESTOR imply full and unreserved acceptance by the user of all these conditions. These Terms of Use, Terms of Sale and the Privacy Policy exclusively govern the relationship between GONESTOR user (hereinafter the « User ») and SB Square on GONESTOR and its use. They supersede all other terms and conditions, documents or agreements between the parties. The Terms of Use may be consulted at any time on the website www.gonestor.com (or mobile application) under « Terms of Use ». SB Square reserves the right to cancel or suspend at any time the registration of a user in the presence of elements suitable for believing in the existence of a violation of applicable law, these Terms of Use, the general conditions of one of its partners, third party rights or if the status of the User concerned causes or may cause harm to interests of SB Square or of other Users.

1.5 Modification

SB Square reserves the right to modify and update at any time without notice these Terms, GONESTOR access and to their content. All these modifications apply to users at each access to GONESTOR. SB Square recommends consulting them regularly (refer to the date of update on top of this document). SB Square reserves the right to suspend or discontinue at any time GONESTOR. In this case, it publishes a notice on GONESTOR or sends an email.

1.6 Language versions

In case of differences between the language versions of the Terms of Use, the Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy, the French language version shall prevail.

Article 2 – Informations regarding Mangopay

The GoNestor integrated payment service is provided by SA Leetchi Corps. (Hereinafter « Mangopay »). Leetchi Corp. S.A. is a public limited liability company incorporated under Luxembourg law. The Issuer is listed under number B173459 in the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register. The Issuer is authorised to conduct its business in certain European Member States under the freedom of establishment, as an electronic money institution approved by the Luxembourg Financial Sector Supervisory Commission, whose address is at 110 route d’Arlon L-1150 Luxembourg. SB SQUARE cannot be held liable for errors, negligence, or omissions resulting from this payment system.

Article 3 – Accessing GONESTOR and its features

3.1 Downloading

Before enrolling, to use GONESTOR application, the user goes first using his/her smartphone on the Apple App Store (hereinafter the « App Store ») to download « IOS » version application. GONESTOR the application can also be downloaded via Google Play (« Android »). The terms relating thereto shall apply. SB Square cannot be held responsible if the smartphone is not compatible with the GONESTOR application or if the downloaded version of the application GONESTOR is inadequate for the smartphone.

3.2 Registration

GONESTOR will be consulted freely and openly. However, access to the full features requires free prior registration by submitting the form provided for that purpose (section « register ») on the website www.gonestor.com or on the smartphone application. The User is a natural person. He/she is allowed to only one account and must first register via GONESTOR. Registration is free. Registration is restricted to users aged 16 or more and having full legal capacity. Electronic payment (via Mangopay) is restricted to users aged 18 or more. If the user resides in a jurisdiction which restricts the use of GONESTOR, or which restricts the possibility of establishing agreements for reasons of age, these age limits will be respected. SB SQUARE reserves the right to require at any time proof of identity and legal capacity of User wishing to register. Following the submission of the registration form available on GONESTOR, the user receives at the email address indicated on the form, a receipt for validation. The user can then identify on GONESTOR by typing his/her username and his/her confidential password in the fields provided for this purpose. Registration as a user results in data recording thereof in the SB SQUARE database and creating a public profile. Data collected on this occasion are treated with respect to the protection of privacy with regard to private data processing, as described in the Privacy Policy. The User guarantees that the information communicated is accurate, current and complete. The User may at any time request the deletion of registration. His/her information and profile will then be deleted as soon as possible.

Article 4 – Obligations of the User

4.1. User generated content

The User has the ability to upload content on GONESTOR (hereinafter the « Content »). SB SQUARE does not guarantee that the information contained on GONESTOR is complete, accurate, adequate and reliable or that they comply with applicable law or violate any third party rights. SB SQUARE expressly disclaims any responsibility for the Content posted by users on GONESTOR. User acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for the Content that is online and the consequences of its spread. The User represents and warrants that he/she has all the necessary authorizations for the launch of the Content and its dissemination. The User therefore undertakes not to communicate, upload, or display the Content on which third parties could be right holders (including the right to respect for privacy and image rights, especially regarding photographs), unless the prior express authorization of such third parties. The User guarantees SB SQUARE against any action or complaint of third parties (including public authorities) relating to such Content. The User agrees to respect the laws, regulations and codes of conduct, and in particular to refrain from:

– publishing or sending content or false or misleading communications, (and to update the content, if any, to ensure it does not become false or misleading), obscene, racist or xenophobic, abusive, illegal, misleading, infringing of another’s privacy, offensive, harmful, threatening, harassing, defamatory, constituting an offense to a right of intellectual property or to any other right, or encouraging or participating to one of these things ;
– Soliciting personal information from other users ;
– Disclosing or making available to third parties any username, password, secret code or similar information, or using them for purposes other than identification on GONESTOR ;
– Providing email addresses to SB SQUARE or a third party without the prior consent of the persons concerned ;
– Publishing or sending content of any third party without having obtained their prior consent;
– Publishing or sending content violating the rights of third parties or prejudicing in any way whatsoever ;
– Publishing or sending content which leads to illegal websites or websites containing inappropriate content ;
– NESTOR used for direct marketing purposes, including prospecting, canvassing, advertising or sale of products or services ;
– Using GONESTOR for sending junk mail, unsolicited, pyramid or similar or fraudulent method ;
– Any action which may have the effect of disturbing the functioning of GONESTOR, including the use of worms, viruses, software bombs or mass mailings ;
– Attempting to violate unauthorized access to any part of GONESTOR or equipment used for the operation of GONESTOR ;
– GONESTOR used to harass another user or attempt to contact a user who asked not to be contacted ;
– Using a false name, pseudonym, or claiming the identity of another person or entity ;
– GONESTOR used for purposes other than those provided by the Terms of Use.
SB SQUARE cannot be held responsible in case of non-respect by the User of the Terms of Use, laws or applicable regulations. The User warrants SB SQUARE against any action, claim or complaint of third parties (including public authorities) relating to its use of GONESTOR. Ignoring the above rules could expose the User to severe civil and criminal penalties for infringements against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer systems and data stored, processed or transmitted by these systems, or attempt to commit any of these offenses. Each user accepts to conform to all the applicable laws in the frame of the usage of the application. In addition, any user who violates the Terms of Use may be prohibited or suspended from access to GONESTOR. User is also required to inform SB SQUARE immediately in writing if he/she becomes aware of inappropriate behaviour related to GONESTOR or of the distribution of illegal content, inaccurate, offensive or indecent, or any breach of any of their rights or the rights of others. Please send an email to: support@sb-square.com to report behaviour or inappropriate or suspicious content. SB SQUARE can perform a Control of contents and reserves the right to remove any Content that violates the Terms of Use or about which it would have received a complaint. SB SQUARE may exercise this right at any time without notice and in its sole discretion.

4.2. Friendly use of GONESTOR

The User agrees to use GONESTOR for its intended purpose only, to the exclusion of any other purpose. The User is responsible for the use of access to his/her account. In this respect, the user must ensure that no other person will have access to GONESTOR with his/her password. In the event that the user is aware that another person accesses GONESTOR with his/her password, he/she informs SB SQUARE promptly by email to the following address: support@sb-square.com The User is fully and solely responsible for all activity with his/her account and SB SQUARE shall not be liable for any loss or damage the User may have suffered as a result of the unauthorized use of his/her password by another person, even without the knowledge of the user. The User agrees to give correct opinions and notations to avoid harm to the evaluation system implemented by SB SQUARE. The user does not attempt to contact another user outside the platform to propose him/her a service whereas this request for service was sent by the latter on GONESTOR. The User agrees to make any clarifications/updates necessary so that the description provided is true to the service actually delivered and not misleading. He/she agrees to withdraw his/her proposal if he/she no longer wishes to provide/receive the Service. The User agrees not to send emails to other(s) User(s) to guard against another User.

Article 5 – Intellectual property rights


and its components (trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, music, text, etc.) are the property of SB SQUARE or its partners. They are protected by intellectual property rights (including copyright and related rights, trademarks, etc.) and may not be reproduced, distributed or used in the absence of prior written permission of SB SQUARE or, where applicable, the rights holder concerned, doing so will constitute a copyright infringement offense, and/or designs and/or brands, punishable by three months to three years and a fine of 100 to 100,000 euros or one of these penalties.


SB SQUARE gives hereby, the User, a licence, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable and indefinite for a period at any time without giving any reason, to access the contents of GONESTOR, view and download only for display purposes. User may also print a copy of the content displayed on GONESTOR for his/her personal needs, subject that alter in any way the content of GONESTOR and he/she retains all mentions of paternity and origin of GONESTOR. The User also undertakes not to circumvent the technical devices of document protection and multimedia elements. Reproduction is therefore permitted only in strictly private purposes.


Any use of GONESTOR and its components not covered by those rules is strictly prohibited.

5.4. To enable SB SQUARE to use different information in the announcement published by the User, the latter shall grant SB SQUARE a non-exclusive, free, without time or territory limit with the right to sublicense, for use, exploitation and disclosure of these elements, in any existing media or about to be. If applicable, this licence will remain in effect for the entire term of protection of these elements.


SB SQUARE cannot be held responsible if any part of the content of the ads was resumed on another existing or future media unwittingly, without written authorization from it.

Article 6 – Liability related to GONESTOR

6.1. Accessibility and operation

SB SQUARE will ensure, to the extent possible, that GONESTOR is current and remains accessible to a normal number of Users. However, SB SQUARE does not guarantee that the functions of GONESTOR will be available uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected or GONESTOR and the server that makes if available are free of viruses or other harmful components. SB SQUARE maintains, moreover, the right to suspend or discontinue all or part of GONESTOR at any time, without notice. SB SQUARE cannot be held responsible for any loss and/or damage of any nature whatsoever arising from any suspension, interruption, disturbance (technical), slowdown, difficulty accessibility and/or termination of access to all or part of GONESTOR or viruses or other harmful elements present on GONESTOR. If the user finds the presence of a virus or other harmful elements on GONESTOR, he/she is invited to communicate to SB SQUARE to the following address: support@sb-square.com so that necessary action can be taken. SB SQUARE advises in any case the User to install on his/her computer firewalls, antivirus and other protection software necessary to prevent any damage thereto.

6.2. Using of GONESTOR

The User uses GONESTOR at his/her own risk. GONESTOR, its components and all information, software, facilities, related services are provided as is, available without warranty of any kind (expressed or implied) and within the limits of applicable law. SB SQUARE disclaims any liability for loss or damage (direct, indirect, tangible or intangible) resulting from the use of GONESTOR and its components, or inability to use GONESTOR.

6.3. Links to and from other websites

Hypertext links to other websites may be on GONESTOR. Also, some websites can include a link to GONESTOR. The linked websites are not controlled by SB SQUARE, which assumes no responsibility for their operation, their content and their use. Unless expressly stated by SB SQUARE on GONESTOR, the existence of such links does not imply approval of SB SQUARE on these websites or the use that could be made, or any association or partnership with the operators of these websites.

Article 7 – Validity of contractual clauses


SB SQUARE’s abstention to rely, at a specified time, a provision of the Terms of Use, shall not be construed as a waiver to later exercise its rights under it.


The invalidity, lapse or unenforceability of all or part of the preceding or following provisions will not result in the nullity of all the Terms of Use. Fully or partially invalid, void or unenforceable provision shall be deemed unwritten. SB SQUARE undertakes to replace this provision with one that will realize to the extent possible, the same function.

Article 8 – Governing Law and Jurisdiction


The Terms of Use shall be governed and construed in accordance with Belgian Law.


Any possible dispute will be first and as far as possible settled amicably. If not then the user can choose the courts of the district of Brussels or the courts of his place of residence for any dispute concerning the Terms of Use.


Updated on 03/03/2017



SB SQUARE company whose registered office is at Avenue de la Tenderie 5, 1300 Wavre, Belgium, listed on the B.C.E. Under N° 0604.998.896 (hereinafter « SB SQUARE ») manages and operates mobile application GONESTOR available on the App Store, Apple « IOS » version or PlayStore version « Android » (Google) and on the pertaining website: www.gonestor.com (hereinafter « GONESTOR »).


GONESTOR is a special relationship development platform wishing to offer and/or receive services in areas such as baby-sitting, DIY, dog-sitting, home study courses, etc. (Hereinafter the « Service »), depending on their availability and proximity.



Participation in GONESTOR, both as a service requester (the « Requestor ») or as a service provider (hereinafter « Provider »), requires a prior registration, as a Requestor or a Provider, as a User of GONESTOR (« User » below).


Registration for GONESTOR is subject to these Terms of Sales, the Terms of Use of GONESTOR, its Privacy Policy, as well as applicable laws and regulations.


These Terms of Sales, The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy exclusively govern the relationship between users and SB SQUARE on one hand, users and between them on the other hand, regarding GONESTOR. They supersede all other terms, documents or agreements between the parties. All rights and obligations are hereinafter referred to « the Contract ».



GONESTOR operating can be described as follows: a first step in relation to a Requestor and a provider for a given service (activity, duration, time, place and price) and a second step of the service execution.


The first step of linking is as followed:

– The Requestor submits a request for a service via GONESTOR indicating the type of service, duration, time, place and the desired price ;
– Potential providers that meet the criteria of the request receive a notification of it and may be candidates via GONESTOR;
– Requestor receives notification of applications from potential providers ;
– Requestor selects via GONESTOR a Provider of his/her choice from the list of providers who have applied ;
– The SB SQUARE commission is automatically charged to the credit card of the Requestor at the time of provider selection. If cancelled, the commission will be refunded (see paragraph §5 « Cancellations » for cancellation policy) ;
– The selected Provider is notified of his/her selection; thus the agreement is concluded between all parties concerned, that is to say between the concerned users on one hand, and between them and SB SQUARE on the other hand, so that the parties are now required to meet their commitments to the Service.


The second step of Service execution is as follows:

– The Provider via GONESTOR triggers the beginning of the execution of the Service ;
– When the service is completed, the Requestor shall notify via GONESTOR end time of the execution of the Service ;
– After the service, the Requestor must pay the payment of the Service.
– The Requestor may elect to pay the price of the service provider :
– Via GONESTOR integrated electronic payment system, this implies an additional cost of 2,5% of the amount paid.
– In « hand to hand » cash.
– In case of payment of the Provider via the electronic payment system the amount is transferred to the Service Provider on the account number provided at registration.



SB SQUARE will collect from the Requestor a 0% commission on the price of the Service, noting that the Commission is intended to cover the running cost of the platform. The Provider will therefore receive the full price of the Service unreduced.


The Requestor must then pay the total cost of the service (composed of the price of the Service and of the SB SQUARE’s Commission);


Unless otherwise specified, the price paid by the Requestor is inclusive of all taxes (VAT).



Calendar/dates (time and duration) of the services stipulated by the Requestor are required. The Provider recognizes that compliance with these deadlines is essential for the Requestor and for SB SQUARE, that the proper conduct of the Services is entirely dependent, and therefore undertakes to inform the Requestor in advance via GONESTOR of any potential impediment, delay, cancellation or modification of an activity or a service, must be mentioned with no delay by the Provider via GONESTOR.


Without prejudice to Article 7, any change/cancellation of a service by the Provider is under the sole responsibility of the latter; SB SQUARE can in no way be considered responsible of that. In any case, in the event of cancellation or non-delivery of the service, the Provider is not entitled to any payment or reimbursement of the Head of the Services.



The User declares that he uses SB SQUARE and uses GONESTOR only in connection with the execution of the Contract and at its own risk. In general, and in its capacity as technical intermediary, SB SQUARE disclaims any liability for loss, accident or damage of any kind (Direct or indirect, tangible or intangible) resulting from the execution of the Contract and/or the use of GONESTOR. In particular, and without prejudice to the insurance cover described in Article 6.5, SB SQUARE is obliged to repair any damage nor direct, nor indirect, due to potential problems, damage and loss incurred by the User after acceptance of the Contract or in connection with its execution, including those arising due to any person under its responsibility or that of third parties.


To be valid, any claims relating to the GONESTOR User must be notified by email at the following address: support@sb-square.com within eight (8) calendar days of becoming aware of the event giving rise to claim. The absence of any disagreement following the above rules leads for the User to the unconditional and unreserved acceptance of the fact giving rise to the claim and, de facto, the final renunciation of all claims under its own.


The activity that is the subject of the Service is the sole responsibility of the Provider. The Provider warrants including SB SQUARE against all remedies, complaints or claims by third parties relating to any equipment, works, documents, information or evidence submitted in the Contract and/or necessary for the Services.


If necessary, the Provider agrees to make available to the Requestor all equipment and documentation useful and/or necessary for the execution of the Services, as part of the implementation of the Contract, including by reporting timely and in clear manner, all information necessary for the execution of the Service. In this case, the possible provision of equipment as part of the Service is subject to the sole responsibility of the provider, who assumes all risk. As such, the Provider expressly absolves SB SQUARE, including in case of damage or loss, total or partial, for any reason whatsoever.


If necessary, the Provider agrees to make available to the Requestor all equipment and documentation useful and/or necessary for the execution of the Services, as part of the implementation of the Contract, including by reporting timely and in clear manner, all information necessary for the execution of the Service. In this case, the possible provision of equipment as part of the Service is subject to the sole responsibility of the provider, who assumes all risk. As such, the Provider expressly absolves SB SQUARE, including in case of damage or loss, total or partial, for any reason whatsoever.


Except as expressly provided, if an accident is suffered by the Provider in connection with the execution of the service, the Provider receives the insurance offered by SB SQUARE and subscribed to AXA and available on the website SB SQUARE or the mobile application under « Insurance ». Outside of this coverage, the Provider remains fully responsible for damages in the execution of the service, to the exclusion of any liability of SB SQUARE. Furthermore, the Provider incurs liability in connection with the execution of services in the framework of the running of the Service, it has if appropriate to take out any useful insurance contract.


Since GONESTOR aims to enable the linking and delivery of specific services between individuals, it is clear the services must be offered on a non-regular basis by the Provider. Assuming this condition is not fulfilled, it is for the provider to draw all the necessary consequences and take all necessary measures to comply with all applicable rules, particularly with regard to VAT. In general, the Provider has respect of potential liabilities/regulatory, administrative, tax and labour proceedings for the execution of its business/service. In particular, the Provider has the obligation to declare income from its services in accordance with applicable tax regulations. As a technical intermediary, SB SQUARE disclaims all liability in this regard.



The User can terminate the contract ex officio without compensation and without prior judicial intervention, by closing the User account in accordance with the Terms of Use of the website.


In case of abuse of a User or non-compliance with his/her obligations in respect of SB SQUARE (cancellations repeated, inappropriate comments, violation of the rules, no respect for the other Users, etc.), SB SQUARE reserves the right to suspend execution of the Contract and concerned User’s access to GONESTOR and/or exclude the concerned User definitively, and consequently to terminate the Contract and close the account.


GONESTOR, the website thereto, and all its components (including trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, videos, texts, etc.) and any document, every booklet, and methodology and any related computer code are exclusive property of SB SQUARE. These elements are protected by intellectual property rights and may not be used without prior written permission of SB SQUARE. The Provider may in particular assert no rights on the computer programs and databases used by SB SQUARE under the Contract.



The parties shall treat as confidential the information submitted for the purposes of execution of the Contract, except for information that Parties have made public or normally publicly available information.


Each party shall not disclose to third parties, distribute or use for other purposes than the execution of the Contract, any confidential information in relation to the activities of the Parties, business strategy, their business plans, their clients or associated companies, of which it was aware during the execution of the Contract, without written consent of the other Party, or during execution of the contract or after its expiry and beyond the period of collaboration between the Parties.



if any provision of these Terms should be declared invalid or contrary to a mandatory provision or public order, this annoyance or such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms nor the Contract as a whole. In this case, SB SQUARE undertakes to make effort to replace the invalid provision or contrary to a mandatory provision of public policy or an equivalent valid provision which, given the economic, legal and commercial limits, achieves the same objective as that which has been declared void or contrary to a mandatory provision or public order.


The non-exercise of a right under these Terms or tolerating a non-execution or a branch of any of its provisions cannot be regarded in any way, as a definitive renunciation to exercise that right or remedy those results.



The Contract shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with Belgian law.


The courts of the judicial district of Brussels will have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute relating to the Contract, its interpretation and enforcement. Any possible dispute will be first and as far as possible be settled amicably.


Updated on 03/03/2017

1. General Warning

SB Square, GONESTOR editor, respects the privacy of its users. SB Square handles personal data transmitted to it pursuant to the regulations in force, and in particular the Law of 8th of December 1992 on the protection of privacy and its implementing decrees. People aged under 16 and those who do not have full legal capacity are not allowed to use GONESTOR, SB Square asked not to submit their data. Access to GONESTOR implies full and unreserved acceptance by the user of this Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms of Use. Terms defined in the Terms and Conditions of Use have the same meaning in the Privacy Policy. The User acknowledges having read the information below and authorizes SB Square to process, according to what is stated below, the personal data it communicates for purpose of using GONESTOR. SB Square reserves the right to modify or supplement the Privacy Policy and bring it up to date at any time according to information given by the Users. The Privacy Policy applies to all content provided by GONESTOR and all records of GONESTOR. It does not apply to the content provided by third parties which GONESTOR might refer to and whose privacy policies may differ. SB Square cannot therefore be held responsible for any data processed by third parties.

2. Processing Manager

Using GONESTOR requires the disclosure of certain personal data, such as name, surname, postal address, email address, etc. The controller of the data is SPRL « SB Square » (BE 0604.998.896), whose registered office is at avenue de la Tenderie 5, 1300 Wavre, Belgium. Any question or request regarding the processing of those data can be sent to this address: support@sb-square.com.

3. Information collected

3.1. Data transmitted to SB Square through the active intervention of the User

By completing the forms provided for that purpose when registering as a User or once registered, the User allows SB Square to process, for the purposes mentioned in point 4, the following information:

– Identification data, such as User name and password, full name, gender, email address, date of birth, physical address and contact details ;
– A photograph of the User ;
– The list of services that the User can provide ;
– The information of the credit card for the payment of commission and electronic payment of the Supplier (including the holder’s name, credit card number, expiration date and verification code) ; however these data are transmitted directly to the payment service provider and are not retained by GONESTOR ;
– Billings information ;
– Communications transmitted by the User through GONESTOR, such as messages sent to other users for the organization of the Service ;
– The communication sent by the User to SB Square ;
– The additional information that SB Square asks the User to be sent for identification, or if SB Square suspects the User of violating any of the specific provisions of the Policy ;
– Any other information voluntarily submitted to SB Square by the User for a particular purpose.

3.2. Data transmitted to SB Square automatically during the consultation of GONESTOR

3.2.1. The « cookies »

In order to facilitate navigation on GONESTOR and to optimize technical management, GONESTOR may use « cookies ». A « cookie » is a small file containing information stored on the User’s computer or smartphone. This « cookie » may be retrieved during a subsequent visit. The « cookie » can only be read by the operator who created it. GONESTOR uses « cookies » for purposes of good administration in particular to save User’s navigation preferences, or to obtain information about pages visited and the date and time of consultation. Most « cookies » only work for the duration of a session or visit. It is also possible to configure your browser to inform User when « cookies » are created or to prevent them from being saved individually or not. Disabling « cookies » may, however, prevent access to certain features of GONESTOR or make access more difficult. Subject to the prior consent of the User, GONESTOR may also allow the use of third party « cookies ». The User will be duly informed.

3.2.2. The information stored on the servers consulted

When the User accesses GONESTOR, the servers consulted automatically record certain information that is not publicly visible on GONESTOR made, such as domain type with which the User connects to the Internet, the IP address assigned to the User upon login, date and time of access to GONESTOR and other traffic data, or other communication data, the pages viewed, the browser type, the equipment and/or operating system, the search engine and the keywords used to find GONESTOR… No nominative data allowing the identification of the User is however collected through these records. This information is retained only for statistical purposes and improvement of GONESTOR. When the User logs in to his/her account, the servers consulted automatically also record the following data that are made visible to other users on GONESTOR:

– The username, full name, gender, and the User’s contact details ;
– Photograph of the User ;
– User address and geographical location, geo-location, location beacon and GPS location, it being understood that the User may oppose the use of some location data through the parameters of his or her smartphone/browser ;
– Information concerning the User’s activities on GONESTOR, such as services that he/her can offer or search and feedbacks and rates given and received ;
– The other information transmitted by the User for which he/her is informed of the publication on GONESTOR.
These data related to the User’s activities on GONESTOR are made visible to other users in order to promote and facilitate interaction between users.

4. Processing Purposes

4.1. General Purposes

GONESTOR collecte, stocke et utilise les données personnelles des Utilisateurs aux fins suivantes :

– pour établir, réaliser et conduire la relation contractuelle avec l’Utilisateur ;
– pour analyser, adapter et améliorer les services, le contenu ou les publicités de SB Square ;
– pour permettre à l’Utilisateur de recevoir des emails concernant l’organisation de l’exécution du Service ;
– pour traiter des demandes de Service de la part de l’Utilisateur ;
– pour faciliter la mise à disposition et l’utilisation de GONESTOR;
– pour répondre à des demandes d’informations ;
– pour permettre aux autres Utilisateurs de suivre leurs activités sur GONESTOR et interagir avec eux dans le cadre des fonctionnalités offertes par GONESTOR ;
– pour les informer sur les évolutions de GONESTOR et de ses fonctionnalités ;
– pour entrer en contact avec ceux-ci dans le cadre de l’exploitation de GONESTOR;
– pour toutes autres fins pour lesquelles l’Utilisateur aurait donné son consentement express.

4.2. Communication to third parties

The personal data transmitted to SB Square, within the provisions of the Policy, are not intended to be communicated to third parties other then:

– GONESTOR Users ;
– GONESTOR business partners ;
– Persons whose intervention is necessary for the purposes of contract performance ;
– Persons whose intervention is necessary to reach one of the purposes mentioned in the Policy ;
– The competent public authorities as required by law.

4.3 Transfer to a non-member country of the European Union

SB Square only operates data transfer to a non-member of the European Union countries when that country ensures an adequate level of protection within the meaning of the Law of 8th of December 1992 on Privacy protection, or as permitted by the Act, such as ensuring data protection through appropriate contractual provisions.

4.4. Direct Marketing

SB Square considers personal information as confidential and will not disclose it to third parties under conditions other than those specified by the Policy or in which the Law requires it. These data could be used for direct marketing purposes for products or services GONESTOR other than those to which the User has subscribed.

5. Security

To ensure optimal payment security, SB Square uses payment services that meet very high standards of security using particular the « SSL » Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) Other personal data are not transmitted securely. SB Square, however, implemented security policies to the servers hosting the processed personal data preventing, as best as possible:

– non-authorized access or modifications to those data ;
– the inappropriate use or disclosure of those data ;
– The illegal destruction or accidental loss of those data.
SB Square employees who have access to these data are subject to strict confidentiality obligation towards them. SB Square can in no way be held responsible for the misuse of the data by a third party despite the security measures. Offences against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer systems and data that is stored, processed or transmitted by these systems, or attempted shall be punished by imprisonment from three months to five years and a fine of twenty-six euros to two hundred thousand euros or either of these penalties.

6. Retention duration

SB Square normally keeps the personal data of users for the duration necessary for registration as a User and for the duration of registration, SB Square can also continue to hold personal data about the User unsubscribed, including all correspondence or requests for assistance sent to SB Square, in order to answer any question or complaint made to it after unsubscribing, and to comply with all applicable laws, including taxation, keeping information on payments.

7. Rights of the person concerned

The User may at any time have access to his/her personal data and correct them via the tab « Edit my profile », through the use of his/her username and password. Users may also request for free to correct, and if necessary to request the removal of all personal data, except those that SB Square would be legally obliged to keep, SB Square database by sending a written request with a copy of his/her identity card, or passport, to the manager of the processing to the following email address: support@sb-square.com SB Square then takes the necessary steps to comply with this request as soon as possible.